SIMON HUSBANDS studied Music Instrument Technology at Newark College, UK from 1994 to 1997. Simon graduated in 1997 with a Newark College Certificate in Piano Technology, and also a City and Guilds Certificate in Stringed Keyboard Manufacture. He has been working professionally in the piano industry since then, including 3 years as Technical Service Manager for Schmitt Music, one of the largest piano dealerships in the USA. He has presented to the Piano Technicians Guild, and has regularly appraised pianos, and also quality control inspected pianos in China. He is a Field Expert for the Dampp Chaser Piano Life Saver humidity system, as well a qualified technician for PianoDisc systems and QRS systems. He has been a tuner and technician for over 25 years and is familiar with pianos of many makes and types. Simon loves to talk about British music, and hosts a weekly radio show on that very topic! He has played in many bands and successes included a Billboard chart hit!


Victor Johnson graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison where he began studying the physics of strings in 2004, and his life path to both piano performance and piano technology was officially set in motion.  In 2014, he specialized in piano restoration work for several years, rebuilding and refinishing antique pianos to sound and play like new again, once even fully restoring a piano that had been hit by a tornado!  

As a tuner and technician, his work can be heard everywhere from Prince‚Äôs pianos at Paisley Park, to concert pianos for artists including Jack White, Jacob Collier, Kenny Barron, Mannheim Steamroller, and Bleachers, among many others.